The Berlin Connection 2022

The Berlin Connection 2022
SOON  in Amersfoort :
@De Danswerkplaats,  January 21-22-23 / 2022


There is a time to learn figures and a time to learn how to create your own dance expressing the music you listen to.
We’re using well known songs in different versions interpreted by different orchestras at different eras to find the similarities and certainly the differences.

Dance and music in Tango are inseparable. With some knowledge we have a better access to the special features of tango and our dance gets more expressive.
In our workshopweekends we offer a special concept: Prior to each workshop, there is a brief introduction to the topic, then we move on to the practical part.

***Tango Seminar with
Stefan & Marian (Nijmegen-Tilburg) & Raimund & Daniela (Berlin)
***Milonga La Roca
on Saturday January 22nd, DJ Raimund Schlie (Berlin) organized by Cheek2Cheek

A package of 11 hours of classes & lectures in total
* Friday January 21st:
19.30: doors are open
20.00-23.00: Multimedial lecture: “Tricks & stunts in Tango music” by Raimund
23:00-00:30 Práctica with dancing & chatting
* Saturday January 22nd:
13.00-17.00: Seminar day 1 “Tango Beyond Figures” (including breaks)
21.00-03.00: Milonga La Roca (Organized by Karin Venverloo) with TJ Raimund
* Sunday January 23rd:
13.00-17.00: Seminar day 2 “Tango Beyond Figures” (including breaks)
More Info and registration:
Our thanks go to Karin Venverloo who offers us the opportunity to work at the fabulous De Danswerkplaats and allows us to build our program around the Milonga La Roca.
Hoping to see many of you to enjoy these precious moments!
Stefan & Marian