The Berlin Connection 2024

The Berlin Connection 2024
Berlin @ NOU,  September 13- 14-15 / 2024

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Tango Beyond Figures  April 2024 Amersfoort
A seminar weekend with Daniela & Raimund (Berlin) and Marian & Stefan (NL)
A program full of musicality workshops, an extra milonga on Friday and the famous Milonga la Roca on Saturday.

There is a time to learn figures and a time to learn how to create your own dance expressing the music you listen to.

Dance and music in Tango are inseparable. With some knowledge we have a better access to the special features of tango and our dance gets more expressive.
In our workshop weekends we offer a special concept: Prior to each workshop, there is a brief introduction to the topic, then we move on to the practical part.
We focus on orquestras, on songs, on different aspects in music that inspire us in dancing.